Ntando Mcera (born January 24, 1992), known professionally as Jan2Fourth, he is a South African record producer from Vaal Triangle. Jan2Fourth has worked with artists such as April2Sixer, Info Lepara, Masandi, Angie Santana and many more.

Jan2Fourth started making beats at the age of 17 for his friend who goes by the name of April2Sixer who taught him how to work within FL Studio. They both formed TeamGreatness which is a small collective consisting of him and April2Sixer. Both individuals met in high school, where they found their love for music. In 2014, Jan2Fourth released his first beat tape which catered for most music genres in the industry which also put him on the map as one of the Vaal Triangle’s best music producer. Jan2Fourth is now as well a producer under G63 Music record label.